Real regeneration is achieved through people power, and sometime back in the summer a group of us at Ash Sakula Architects decided that traders are the ‘rain and shine’ heroes; the stars of our public realm. We think conversation makes community, and that people make the public realm.

Leather Lane has definitely been shrinking and we want to reverse the trend. By lacing together shops and stalls in a common promotional push, we hope that local businesses will recognise their buying power as the right tool for injecting new energy into this 300 year old market.


Leather Lane Stars is a project to promote, publicise and reinvigorate the historic market of Leather Lane in London EC1. On this blog you will find the traders and their stories about the market and the area. You can click on your favourite traders to find out more about them and their wares!

Leather Lane Stars

Our idea is the the traders and store owners are the real stars of Leather Lane – they play a key role as hosts and animators of the public realm within the city. We considered that there were three different types of star:

Established Stars: Traders who have been on Leather Lane for more than 10 years. They are the ones who really know how the market has changed over the years: some have been here their whole lives.

Rising Stars: Some have been here for months, others for years. These are the relatively more recent traders that make up the community of Leather Lane market.

Supporting Stars: It’s not just the stall holders that make up Leather Lane; local businesses play a key role in making this a vibrant place to be too.

Leather Lane Market

Having run for over 400 years, Leather Lane is both socially and economically an integral part of the area, but now it faces competition from large stores, fewer workers in the city and a lack of awareness. Bringing together local traders, councillors and businesses, the project aims to bring the diversity and character of the market back into the public realm through events, engagement and energy. The aim is to showcase the traders and promote the market as a vibrant destination for Londoners.

We started this project just recently and it is still in its infancy. We don’t receive any funding for it so we rely on your help and feedback to make this project happen!