Amidst the sound of chatter and chink of beer glasses rising from the craft&co, the Leather lane stars had their first meeting. An effective mixture of people  – a handful of market traders, a large group of representatives of Camden council, and more than half a dozen other residents and businesses sat around the room, a reminder of the diverse interests that have the ability to change the fate of Leather Lane Market.

In a range of tones and voices, issues were brought up from improving signage, stopping traffic penetrating the market, making it a lot easier to get a trading license, to increasing trading hours, and organising events to bolster the market’s unique selling point (utilizing the unique character of the surrounding community)

Ultimately, it seemed that no grand plan was needed, but a few basic, practical measures that could be implemented very rapidly to get things rolling in the right direction. Everyone was keen to be ambassadors to spread the word and get more people on board for the next meeting.