The team went all out at our stalls and working the full length of the market, using the opportunity of making a sale to have a good chat about the market.

The main stands were where we sold most of the Leather Lane items, as well as invited people to write down their opinions and ideas

bags, badges, wallets, as well as hand-sown flags were on offer, and we got a good dose of respect for the sellers from learning how much effort goes into ach and every sale.

Although they themselves were more than obliging, and we gathered together an even broader range of concerns, ideas, stories and good memories than from the day and evening before.

As well as meeting new traders like the talented artist and recent graduate Omo Okolo (below), selling her beautifuly cafted textile journals and other creations. Also check out her website

With graduate friends thinking about joining her in the market, there will hopefully be a new area of unique, one-off designs at Leather Lane, helping to bring in a new client base, as well as foster all that latent talent we have around the city…

In the evening we were plied with drink and cake at the entrepreneurial Cafe Le Regal, where we had Solomon W Yohannes -director of Oral History at The Museum of London- come and talk about the role of sharing memories and experiences in urban communities.

We also screened a film that took everyone on a little journey through the past hundred years of London Street Markets, the fruits of archival research that we’ve been doing in the office over the past few weeks, with material ranging from news reels about saving Berwick Street Market in the 50s, to Markets in iconic films like Notting Hill.