On Tuesday 22nd November, the Friends of Leather Lane Market presented the issue of the market at the Holborn and Covent Garden Area Action Group meeting, at Guide Hall on Coram’s Fields. The meeting was chaired by Councillor Julian Fulbrook, and also attended by Councillor Sue Vincent and Awale Olad, as well as many prominent members of the local community.

The case of the market was presented by Simon Rochowski, Secretary of the Friends of Leather Lane Market, that the market hadn’t seen enough support from the Council over the previous years and was in danger of further decline, to the detriment of the local community. Cllr. Sue Vincent stated the importance of the market and street markets in general to Camden Council, and that a review looking specifically into this area was underway, and would be delivered by late December / early January.

The Friends welcomed the review, and said it needed to be matched by real action, support and investment in the market to raise its profile once again. Minutes of the meeting will be posted here once they are made available by Camden in the near future.