Friends of Leather Lane Market is established!

On October 13th, the Friends of Leather Lane, an Unincorporated Association, was established. We will be using this page, and the blog page, to keep you updated as to what the Friends are up to.

Of course, if you’d like to get involved, please contact, or check here to see when our next meeting is. You can also see out latest newsletter here:

The purpose of the Friends, outlined in the Constitution found below, is:

  1. To see Leather Lane Market survive
  2. To see Leather Lane Market improve but retain its character
  3. To ensure Leather Lane Market remains affordable and diverse

The Friends currently consists of a group of local Traders, Business Owners, and Interested Individuals. The Friends consists of the Management Committee and other Members. The Management Committee, as elected by the Members, is currently:

Chairman: Tim Driscoll (long-term Trader)

Treasurer: Luiz Lamparelli (local Business Owner)

Secretary: Simon Rochowski (Interested Individual)

Download our Constitution: FoLLM_Constitution

The Friends was formed in response to the current decline of the market, with a view to reversing this decline and making the market vibrant and successful once again. To fulfill the purposes of the Friends, we have had several meetings to discuss how the market can be improved, supported and revitalised. In addition, we have made an application for funding under the Camden Innovation Development Fund, which can also be found on this page.


Sign our petition to call for a Traffic Management Order ( / Road Closure) for Leather Lane – to improve the street life and keep pedestrians, shoppers and traders safe!

Camden Innovation Development Fund

The CIDF is a new fund looking for innovation in delivering social benefits within Camden. You can find our application for the CIDF here: